Graphic Design, Photography, Video, Audio, Written, and Animation.

Our digital experts have a wealth of experience in building contents, digital marketing strategy, and business solution by using the latest technology.

  • Integrated Branding

Branding through various channels, by exhibiting the company’s culture and values through the appropriate visual identity.

  • Digital Management

Media Monitoring, Social Media Management & Search Engine Optimization

  • Advertising

Google Adwords, Facebook & Instagram Ads

Other things that we can do.

Business to Business, Branded Entertainment, Cause Related Marketing, Creative Design, Customer Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Media & Search Engine, Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing, Digital Production, Experiential Marketing, Healthcare Advertising, Loyalty Marketing, Media Monitoring, Media Relations, Mobile Marketing, Public Affairs, Product Design, Promotional Marketing, Public Relations, Relationship Marketing, Retail Design, Sales Promotion, Sales Acceleration, Social Media Activation, Social Media & Marketing, Social Media Syndication , Shopper Marketing , Trade Marketing , Viral Marketing

Our software engineers have a wealth of experience in building web applications, mobile app, and business solution by using the latest technology.

Website Applications
Web Design & Development Domain & Hosting Services Web Base Application


Mobile Apps
Integrated Web-Mobile App System Android/iOS Mobile Streaming Application


Desktop Apps/Software
POS, Document Management Task Schedule Software System Tracking Software


We craft user experience so products can have their own unique interaction in every clicks, functions, and utility.


Digital Security
We provide software and hardware security installation for your digital assets, providing preemptive and highly reliable security measures.


System analysis
Our analysts will give thorough analysis and constructed feedback on how to further maintain improve your products and business.



Consultant & IT Solutions
IT to Business Solution Geographic Information System Online Dashboard Enterprise Solutions: Website, SEO, E-commerce


Enterprise Management
E-commerce, Accounting, and Financial Software Document Management Software Project & Task Management


Public Service Solution, Smart City App, Digital Control & Monitoring, Government Management, Planning, and Consultant


Augmented Reality
4D, Ar book game & advertisement, GPS & Location, Tap to buy, Automatic Screenplay, Live web contents, Pop up Advert.


Virtual Reality
3D mannequin, virtual games, entertainment and simulation.


Smart Card
E-Rations card (Food Stamp) projects, Health Insurance Card, Salary & Pension Card, Tax collection projects, Transit fare collection systems


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Disaster first response, agricultural automation watering, package delivery, video capturing on the sky, air surveillance.


Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)
RFID for Retails, for Asset Management, Consumer Electronics, Entertainment, RFID for Logistics, Internet of Things


Biomedical Devices
Robotic arms, heat sensor.

Our consultant has a wealth of experience in startup, SME and business solution by using the latest technology.

  • Founding
  • Human Resource Management
  • Culture Creation
  • Problem Solving

Other things that we can do.

Bookkeeping Tax Crisis & Issues Management Financial Strategy Internal & Employee Communications Strategic Planning Sustainability

Our notary and lawyer have a wealth of experience in Indonesian law, patent creation, and business solution by using the latest technology.

  • Company Legality

PT, CV, Perkumpulan, Yayasan

  • Copyright

Brand, Patent & Industrial Design

  • Consultation

Lawyer & Notary