• We Care About Your business (your problem is our problem).
  • We use fixed and variable cost.
  • We stick to our values to help you become a successful entrepreneur.
  • We develop our own efficient and reliable methodology.
  • We are up to date with the latest technology, marketing, best practices, and rules.

HartLogic is your partner. If your company grow then HartLogic will be better too. That’s why we create a various method of charging our service to make everyone could enjoy the best solution for your problem.

We will give you a fixed price based on the service or product that you want to create.

If the project is a revenue-based, we could give you a variable price based on the project success goal.

Doesn’t have any money? relax. If your business could have a win-win solution with HartLogic. We could grow our business together.

This is where we define goals, identify engagement opportunities, analyze information and make recommendations.

Beginning with measurable objectives, we work backward to create a roadmap for your goals.

Marrying form and function, we merge experience typography, usability, color, gestures, and branding to imagine engagement between users and products.

Preparation becomes action as milestones are met, sprint plans reviewed, test cases created and usability tests conducted.

Collecting data, analyzing feedback and reviewing analytics are the hallmarks of this phase.

We use our data and analysis to recommend new engagements and improve performance. As your user’s needs evolve, so too can your offerings.